Welcome to NanJing JiangBei New Area Industrial Technology Research and Innovation Park


The park of research and innovation, within jurisdiction of Jiangbei New Area (National Level) in Nanjing, is located in China (Jiangsu) Pilot Free Trade Zone Nanjing Area, with 23 square kilometers under its management. The target of the Park is to become a “source of global innovation”,an “intelligent design center” and a “new highland of emerging industries”. This Park is committed to embracing global research and innovation resources, enriching talent pool, developing advantages and creating optimal innovation ecology,and makes efforts to forge an industry production-city integration demonstration area which is featured by internationalization,specialization and professionalization.




The Park has converged some scientific and research buildings, occupying more than 3 million square meters of R&D carriers, including Fuying Building, Tengfei Building, Yanfa Building and 121 Innovation Communities. Besides, over 3000 bag check apartments have been set up, such as 8849 Residence, “Haizhi Bay Jiangbei” Residence, Yangtze Elites Residence, etc. More than 100 projects covering over 10 million square meters with a total investment of over 120 billion RMB are under construction, including“City of Chips” science and innovation base, China Mobile Internet of Things Industrial Park, Yangtze River Delta Science and Innovation Circle Headquarters Base and the first sixth generation of Sasseur Life Plaza in China.


This Park implements the development mode of “research and development as an industry and technology as a product”, focusing on the technology-leading industries such as circuit design, research and development of intelligent manufacturing, and AI in big data cloud computing. It has created a 100-billion-level industrial development foundation for the "City of Chips", and a domestic independent and controllable informational-innovative industry system.

The industrial prospects bench-marking future, have been designed, including micro-nano new materials, photoelectric chips, quantum applications, artificial intelligence and others. The prospects have attracted more than 500 integrated circuit enterprises and nearly thousand “research-&-innovation-oriented economy” innovative companies like Synopsys, GUC, UNISOC, Longson Technology, Huawei Kunpeng, China EDA innovation center, with the output of research-&-innovation-oriented economy exceeding 100 billion yuan. The annual growth rate of GDP and tax revenues in the Park area are up to 20%, with 25% investment rate of high-tech industry and 4.6% investment intensity of R & D funds. This brings strong momentum for R & D and innovation driven enterprise development.


More than 2 billion RMB has been invested to forge dozens of public technology platforms, including Nanjing integrated circuit industry service center and AI chips. Emphasizing on the whole process of EDA, instrument testing, MPW, IP, AR/VR, etc., we are committed to building an EDA sharing center with the largest size, and with the most advanced equipment in East China, and establishing an assembly line chip manufacturing channel covering the global mainstream process production lines, including TSMC's 16nm advanced process. China’s first integrated circuit training base has been established, which has filled the gap of domestic sophisticated talents training. Relying on promoting grand platforms, large devices and national-level laboratories, such as the integrated circuit test public platform in the Jiangbei New Area, Shengteng AI Computing Center (Huawei), national integrated circuit design automatic technology innovation center, etc. Dozens of national-level postdoctoral research workstations and postdoctoral innovation practice bases have been set up, and start-up fund groups with a scale of tens of billions of yuan have been initiated.


This Park is positively aimed to develop an industry production-city integration technology demonstration highland with more warmth, humanity and culture, and modernization. We have attentively built four service brands of “assembling wisdom to inspire research and innovation”, “embracing fortune to drive research and innovation”, “integrating wisdom into research and innovation” and “lightening chips to brighten the world”. By doing so, we are facilitating enterprises to boast more talents and finances, communication and training, cooperation and development, and ultimately power the “research-&-innovation-oriented economy”. The enterprise service hall, which is under construction, will open up one window to

provide "one-stop" precise supporting services for talents both domestic and abroad who visit Jiangbei New Area for the first time. The service of the Park will be upgraded from "Xiao er" model or "delivery man" model to "smart housekeeper" model. Singing competitions, parties and sports meetings are regularly held to build the Park into the one with culture and tastes, leisure, innovation with amicable manners.